I’ve been creating and crafting for many years—it all began with a box of 64 Crayola Crayons and went on to candle making, owning a crafts consignment shop, and candy making. Most recently, I’ve been creating paintings with alcohol ink. (Those are the images currently highlighted in my website gallery.)

When I lived in Far Rockaway, New York, as a teenager, I loved the sights and sounds I saw and heard when I spent time on the beach (only blocks from my home).

I only have to close my eyes and I am transported back to those days—I hear the screeching seagulls and crashing ocean waves, I smell the salty sea air.

These days, I find that when I’m painting I experience the same joyful feelings I remember from my time on the beach, and I’m transported there in my mind.

My hope is that my abstract creations light your imagination on fire, taking you places in your mind, whether it’s to new worlds you might see in my work or back to your version of Rockaway.

Ethel Wagner
Rockaway Heart